Welcome Family and Friends - to my site!
Here I will share some valuable information I am learning as a natural health student!
I am focused on nutrition and strongly believe that     "It's all about the food!"
I started down this path in May of 2006 when a stranger told me I was killing myself with the foods I was eating. She was very dramatic and in my face but apparently that's what I needed at the time!! She sure did get my attention! I researched what she said and started a yeast free - gluten free diet the very next day! And here I am! 50 pounds lighter, so much healthier, and helping my family get healthy too!  
In my heart, I thank that crazy lady because I feel that with the information she shared, she gave me the tools to take back my life! With that in mind, I feel compelled to share what I've learned as well - albeit, I won't get in anyone's face! At least, I'll try not too!!! 
I mentioned shedding 50 pounds but this is not just about weight loss. This is about improving health!  My friend Debbie didn't need to lose weight at all, but she suffered severely from intestinal and immune system issues. She recently told me that she had given up thinking she could ever feel so healthy again! It's truly a joy to witness such a thing!
The idea for this site came about after writing to my family. It's thanks to their wonderful reception that I decided to take this one step further. I value your comments, suggestions, and questions!
In health,
Prima Sarkis Demirdjian, CNHP
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