Love One Another

Talk Submitted By: Tori Brannan, Salcha Branch, Alaska, USA

Love one another is the second great commandment. I show my love for Jesus when I keep his commandments. I try to obey Jesus Christ because I love him and I know that he loves me too.

I have a poem I want to read called, "Let's Be Kind to One Another" by Evan Stephens

Let's be kind to one another,
Let us win each other's love,
Let each be a sister, a brother,
As the angles are above.

Though we can't be pure and holy
While as mortals here we stay,
Yet we can shed love and kindness
'Round our pathway every day;

Yes, we should let love and kindness
Be our motto day by day.

Many hearts are sad and weary
Of the world with all its toil.
And this gloom, however, dreary,
Could be banished by a smile.

And that smile would cost you nothing,
Nothing more than would a frown;
One would raise them up to heaven,
While the other casts them down;

Let us then make earth a heaven
Turn to kindly smiles, our frown.

When we are kind to each other we are showing each other and Jesus how much we love him. I pray that we will always try to show kindness to everyone we meet and especially our friends and family. In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.