Sharing The Gospel Helps Others Come Unto Christ

Talk Submitted By: Benjamin Heward, Orem, UT

When Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ ask us to do something, it is called a commandment. When we obey the commandments, we show Heavenly Father and Jesus that we trust them. We know they love us and would never ask us to do anything that would hurt us. We show our faith when we obey.
When Jesus Christ was alive on the earth, he commanded the members of the church to spread the gospel to all of the world.  Today, we are still commanded to spread the gospel to everyone on the earth.
We can obey this commandment in many ways.  We can set an example for others by always doing what we know is right.  We can tell friends at school about the church.  We can invite other children to scouts or to church.  We can write our testimony inside of a Book of Mormon and give it to someone who is not a member of the church yet.
We can write letters to the Missionaries from our ward who are serving missions all around the world, and let them know that we love and appreciate them.  The church has been restored on the earth for 180 years.  We have almost 14 million living members of the church today.  The church could grow a lot more, if we spread the gospel by telling other children about it.
I know that we can choose the right and obey the commandments. I know that when we obey, Heavenly Father blesses us and our faith in Jesus Christ is strengthened.  I know that the Holy Ghost will tell us who we should talk to and what we should say, if we will listen to him.
I say these things in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.