Jesus Taught Us How To Serve Others

Talk Submitted By: Shawn Bishop, Olathe, KS
My talk today is about service.  Jesus taught many lessons about serving others.  One of those lessons came one day right after he had dinner with his Apostles.  Jesus got a basin of water and a towel and started washing the feet of the Apostles.

It was not unusual for people to have their feet washed in Jesus’ time, because most people wore sandals and their feet became very dusty and dirty. But usually a servant did this job. Peter did not want Jesus to wash his feet because he thought it was not right for Jesus to act as a servant.  Jesus explained to the Apostles that even though he was the Savior, he still served them. He wanted them to understand that they should serve each other.

Jesus wants us to follow his example and serve others.

We can all serve others by:

-          Doing nice things for our family and friends
-          Helping to clean the church when it is our turn
-          Doing service projects like <give personal example here>
-          <Any other examples here>
-          Helping those in need

Our family especially enjoys helping those in need by <give personal example here>.

When I server others, I feel good and know that I am following the example of Jesus.

In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.