I Obey Jesus Christ Because I Love Him

Talk Submitted By: Viola Tuiaki, Logan, UT

I wrote this talk for my daughter who is five. I tried to write something that would deliver the message, yet be easy enough for her to comprehend and read.
In the Book of Mormon, it tells the story of a Nephite prophet named Helaman. He went to battle with the wicked Lamanites and with him also went two thousand strippling warriors. These warriors were all young and had never gone into battle before. They were know as The Army of Helaman.
Before they went to war, their mothers had taught them that if they obeyed Heavenly Father and had faith in Him, He would keep them safe during battle. The two thousand warriors listened to their mothers and lived righteously and obeyed Heavenly Father. The two thousand warriors were never hurt in battle. None of the warriors died in battle either because Heavenly Father blessed them for their righteousness.
We can show ibediece by doing what is right. If we live like our Savior Jesus Christ did, we will be blessed by our Heavenly Father. We can show love for Jesus Christ by choosing and doing what is right.