Talk Submitted by: Corby Adams, Willard, UT

A miracle is something amazing or wonderful.
Throughout Jesus Christ’s life many miracles were performed.
(Show picture: Jesus Healing a blind man)
Jesus saw this man who was blind. Jesus put clay over his eyes and blessed him. When the man washed
The clay off, he could see.
(Show pic: Stilling the storm)
Jesus had power over wind and water. While on a ship on the Sea of Galilea, a big storm
came and the disciples thought they were going to drown. Jesus made the winds stop and
 the waters to be calm.
(Show pic: Christ walking on the water)
Jesus walked on water, and because of Peter’s faith Peter walked on water too.
(show pics: Then ten lepers, Jesus blessing Jairus’s Daughter, Jesus blessing the children,
and Sermon on the mount.)
Jesus healed the sick, raised the dead, and blessed the children. His teachings were miracles too.
(show pic:The Resurrected Jesus Christ)
The Ultimate miracle Jesus did was conquering death for us.
“The Lord has blessed his people many times in miraculous ways…” He can give us miracles too.
“When we need help and ask in faith, if it is for our good, The Lord will work miracles for us.”
(quotes taken from Chapter 22: The Gifts of the Spirit, Gospel Principles pg 141).
I found showing lots of pictures keeps the kids entertained, quiet, and paying attention.