My Faith in Jesus Christ is Strengthened When I Obey

My Faith In Jesus Christ is Strengthened When I Obey

When Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ ask us to do something, it is called a commandment. When we obey the commandments, we show Heavenly Father and Jesus that we trust them. We know they love us and would never ask us to do anything that would hurt us. We show our faith when we obey.

Believing in Heavenly Father and Jesus means that we have faith. Although we may not have seen them during our earthly lives, we have faith in the testimonies of others who have seen them. We also believe that the Holy Ghost is real and that he does not have a body of flesh and bones but is a spirit in the form of a man.

A long time ago, six hundred years before Jesus was born, a prophet named Lehi lived in Jerusalem with his family. Lehi’s wife was named Sariah. They had four sons named Laman, Lemuel, Sam, and Nephi.

Lehi and his family were prosperous and comfortable. Lehi loved Heavenly Father and Jesus. He tried to teach his family to love them and obey their commandments.

At that time the people who lived in Jerusalem were very wicked. Lehi tried to teach them about Heavenly Father and Jesus and the commandments, but the people would not listen to him.The wicked people were mad at Lehi and wanted to kill him.

Heavenly Father told Lehi to leave Jerusalem. He told Lehi to take his family into the wilderness where they would be safe. Although Lehi had lived in Jerusalem for a long time, he promptly obeyed the commandment to leave his home. Lehi and his family left their home, their land, most of their clothing, their gold and silver, and other belongings. They took only food, some clothing, tents, and other necessary items that they may have carried on camels or donkeys. It was not easy for Lehi to leave, but he was willing to obey this commandment.

Obeying Heavenly Father by leaving Jerusalem took great faith. Lehi and his family received blessings because they were obedient to the commandments.

I know that we can all be like Lehi. We can choose the right and obey the commandments. I know that when we obey, Heavenly Father blesses us and our faith in Jesus Christ is strengthened.


In the name of Jesus Christ, amen.