Jesus Christ's Example Teaches Me How To Live #2

Talk Submitted By: Kimberly King, Logan, UT

I Can Follow Jesus Christ's Example.  Jesus taught us how to live by the way He lived His own life. 

When He was little, Jesus learned to pray.  We can pray when we're grateful, or when we might need help.  Two little boys were driving with their mother in a snowstorm when suddenly, their mother realized she was lost.  She was far away from home, and didn't know which way she should go.  She was scared, so pulled over and said a prayer.  She asked Heavenly Father to please send someone to help her find her way home.  After a few cars passed, one car stopped nearby.  In the car was a kind lady who showed the family how to get back to their home.  Heavenly Father answered their prayer.  But before the family drove back home, they said another prayer, thanking Heavenly Father for sending them help.

Jesus was also kind to others.  He showed his disciples that He loved them by washing their feet.  He helped people who were sick, or who were feeling sad.  I can show my love for others by helping them and by being kind.  When I share or play kindly with others, I feel good.

Jesus ended up dying for us because He loves us, and wants us to live with Heavenly Father again.  I can show my love for Jesus by being obedient to all of the commandments.  By living like Jesus did, I can live with Him and Heavenly Father again.

(note:  the story about the family in the snowstorm was an event that happened to me)