Jesus Christ's example teaches me how to live

Talk Submitted By Kody Brown, Age 6, Albany, Oregon

Jesus said “Come Follow Me”.  He is not on the earth anymore, but I can follow His example.
Jesus is our older brother, and we can look up to Him.
I am the older brother in my family, so I can be an example to my sisters.
Jesus never told a lie.  I can follow Him by always telling the truth, even when I know I will be in trouble.
Jesus was never mean.  I can be nice to my sisters and try super hard not to fight with them.
Jesus loved and respected his parents, and I can do the same with my parents.
Jesus always made good choices, and I am learning to choose the right too.
 I love Jesus, and I am so glad I have his example to show me how to live.  I say these things in the name of Jesus Christ, amen.