Two Minute Talks

Easy, Uplifting, Inspiring Talks for Latter-Day Saint Children

Two Minute Talks
For Primary Children

Whether you need a last minute, emergency talk or just some ideas to help your primary child write a talk of their own you will find everything you need right here.

Two Minute Talks

2016 Primary Theme
Know The Scriptures Are True

“For my soul delighteth in the scriptures, and my heart pondereth them” (2 Nephi 4:15).

What is Christmas?
Click here for a 2 minute
Christmas talk for children.

What is Christmas?

Bless the life of other primary children by sharing your talks. Your generosity is appreciated by Latter-Day Saint children all over the world.

About This Site

This site is dedicated to the primary children of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Members of our church are sometimes referred to as "Mormons". For more information regarding the basic beliefs of our church, please visit or
This site is a labor of love. We love Primary and hope that you find this site useful.

Talks published on this site are submitted by site visitors and the editorial staff of this website. We would love it if you would write a talk and share it with us.

Your Feedback:

Thank you so much for your talks, they are such a great help to our family. With 6 kids in primary we have need for primary talks all the time and your talks are wonderful. The older children are able to take them and add their testimony, the younger learn them the way they are written. The service you give is so greatly appreciated. You have enriched the life of my children as they learn these simple but so delightful spirit evoking talks. - Holly A.

"I love your site! I've printed up many of your talks and had my children read them for Family Home Evening. It always goes along with their Sunday lesson too. Thank you for all your hard work! It makes my FHE soo much easier. - Nancy N.

"Thank you so much for the Primary talk! This is exactly what I was planning to write, but I took a minute to search to see what had already been written and here it is! You saved me a lot of time!" - Julie H.

"Our primary has benefited greatly from the talks you have provided on the site.  I just wanted to say I appreciate you posting these talks for all to use. - Christina F.

I am a member of the church in Germany. Your website is a great help for us all in primary. In Germany we have NOTHING except the manuals. Thank you so much! -Uschi C.

What an awesome site! I have three young children and can tell that I will be returning to

 this site regularly...  -Susan F.

I'm so glad you have this website, we needed a talk asap and we found one that was perfect.
So, thank you for sharing this with us! -Angie A.

Thank you so much for these talk ideas. This is the only place I have found useful talk ideas. Thanks again for helping! - B.G.

Got a late call from the Primary presidency asking my daughter to give a talk tomorrow. I was ecstatic to find this site. The talk I found
 is just the right length, age appropriate, and interesting. Thank you!!
- Sherry W.

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