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New Classes....

posted 28 Jan 2015, 03:25 by Martin Binns   [ updated 28 Jan 2015, 03:46 ]
New classes available after easter 2015...

Saturdays 0900-1300 and Tuesdays 1600hrs- 1830hrs.
  • Stage 1 Classes (Unconfident new-start Beginners 3.5yrs + working with toys and fun to encourage accelerated progress towards duckling awards and movement to stage 2...) 
  • Stage 2 Classes (Stronger, More confident and independent beginners in armbands working towards unaided 25m badge on front and back)
  • Stage 3 Classes (Getting competent at Log rolls from front to back/back to front, Basic breathing techniques, very basic front & back crawl)
  • Stage 4 Classes (Breast stroke and Butterfly Legs, Basic dives, Fw rolls, Handstands, advancing breathing. Personal survival level 1)
  • Stage 5 Classes (co-ordinating all 4 strokes legs and arms including breathing, also personal survival level 2)

Also after Easter 2015... new classes 1330hrs-1415hrs and 1415hrs - 1500hrs...
  • Stage 6 (45 min class working on all 4 strokes attention to finer stroke detail on 25m swims... Starting to increase the swimming distance and time spent in the water.
  • Stage 7 (45 min class working on turns, Further distance swims and getting ready for club selections.
to Book, Please contact Martin direct on 07570849566 Mon-Friday mornings 0915hrs-1200hrs. These new classes aren't available through the online booking form yet. Thanks.