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posted 18 Aug 2015, 16:18 by Martin Binns

Primary Swim School's new partnership helps to reward swimming attainment

28 May 2015 

The ASA and Cap2 Solutions have launched an innovative way for families to follow their child’s swimming progress and order attainment badges. 

A new partnership between the national governing body for swimming, the ASA, and Cap2 Solutions, a leading provider of specialist course management systems, has led to a new and convenient way for parents to order and receive swimming Awards.

Accessed via HomePortal, an online hub which utilises CoursePro, Cap2’s course management product, families will now be able to better understand their child’s progress and track their child’s achievements within the ASA Learn to Swim Pathway by logging on to the secure hub.

The new functionality will also enable parents to directly reward their child’s progress by being able to purchase Awards and certificates directly from the ASA as soon as their child reaches each milestone.

Richard Clancy, General Manager of Cap2 Solutions, said: “Cap2 is delighted to be working with the ASA. Our aim is to build better solutions in partnership with the ASA to deliver world class course management solutions, which is what this new functionality does.”

The partnership aims to encourage all learn to swim providers to use the new HomePortal function and is currently running a pilot programme with a range of learn to swim operators in England.

One of the first swimming lesson providers to sign up to use the new HomePortal function is Primary Swim School Ltd, based in Bolton.

Director Martin Binns said: “This partnership is a huge leap forward for our swimming teachers. Using mobile technology to create a one touch recording and recognition process between teacher, child, parent, postman and home will really help families to recognise and celebrate their child’s swimming milestones.

“The system will also help the young people to get their awards quicker so they can feel proud of their achievements and encourage them to go on and reach the next level.”

The ASA Learn to Swim Pathway is the national syllabus for learn to swim lessons, from babies right through to adults. As participants progress through the Pathway they can be rewarded through the ASA’s Award scheme, which recognises achievement for different stages, distances, strokes and safety.

New Classes....

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New classes available after easter 2015...

Saturdays 0900-1300 and Tuesdays 1600hrs- 1830hrs.
  • Stage 1 Classes (Unconfident new-start Beginners 3.5yrs + working with toys and fun to encourage accelerated progress towards duckling awards and movement to stage 2...) 
  • Stage 2 Classes (Stronger, More confident and independent beginners in armbands working towards unaided 25m badge on front and back)
  • Stage 3 Classes (Getting competent at Log rolls from front to back/back to front, Basic breathing techniques, very basic front & back crawl)
  • Stage 4 Classes (Breast stroke and Butterfly Legs, Basic dives, Fw rolls, Handstands, advancing breathing. Personal survival level 1)
  • Stage 5 Classes (co-ordinating all 4 strokes legs and arms including breathing, also personal survival level 2)

Also after Easter 2015... new classes 1330hrs-1415hrs and 1415hrs - 1500hrs...
  • Stage 6 (45 min class working on all 4 strokes attention to finer stroke detail on 25m swims... Starting to increase the swimming distance and time spent in the water.
  • Stage 7 (45 min class working on turns, Further distance swims and getting ready for club selections.
to Book, Please contact Martin direct on 07570849566 Mon-Friday mornings 0915hrs-1200hrs. These new classes aren't available through the online booking form yet. Thanks.

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posted 1 Jul 2014, 03:32 by Martin Binns

Note to all parents and carers of children in stages 2,3,4,5...
The summer week long intensive course is now available for Bookings...
  • 30 mins classes every day, Monday - Friday.
  • classes are due to be: 
    • Stage 2: 9am or 9:30am
    • Stage 3: 10am or 10:30am
    • Stage 4: 11am
    • Stage 5: 11:30am

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Primary Swim School starts at Turton Pool after Easter 2012...

posted 3 Mar 2012, 09:41 by Martin Binns   [ updated 28 Mar 2012, 02:38 ]

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Please contact us if you'd like us to try and start a lesson that we don't currently offer

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