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KS2 History Support Sheets

As many schools change long-standing units of teaching for new ones in order to meet the requirements of the new National Curriculum, it is clear that teachers' subject knowledge may be limited in some areas. To support schools and teachers, a number of history experts - and me as an amateur - have tried to put together some introductory sheets for the 12 main units of study at KS2. Each sheet contains a broad overview of the period, some detail of how it links to other areas of history, and some references for further information. The full set will hopefully appear during the course of the summer term. 
If you are an expert in one of the areas and think you can offer something, please feel free to get in touch.

Key Stage 2 History Unit Support Sheets

British History:
Prehistory example
Unit 1: Pre-Roman (prehistoric) Britain (created by Kim Biddulph, @schprehistory)

Unit 2: Roman Britain (created by Tim Taylor, @imagineinquiry)

Ancient Greece:
Unit 5: Ancient Greece (created by Joanne Pearson, @jopearson3)

Ancient Civilizations (schools should select one from):

Unit 8: Ancient Egypt

Unit 9: The Shang Dynasty of Ancient China (created by Kim Biddulph, @schprehistory)

Non-European Study (schools should select one from):

Unit 12: Benin, West Africa