Pt. 2 of a Primal Re-Experience after Birth: God's Omnipresent Comforting Surround

In the first part -- "Excerpt from Actual Primal Re-Experience after Birth" -- the Experiencer in this actual primal therapy session reconnected to and released primal pain related to her having her umbilical cord cut too early and then swaddled tightly making her feel suffocated and unable to move. She felt this had contributed to lifelong feelings of being held back and unable to assert herself. In this second part -- another excerpt from the same much longer session, which takes up only moments after the first part ends -- Mary Lynn Adzema, the Experiencer, begins to feel a glowing light of protection enveloping her, which she senses as being, perhaps, a "guardian angel" then simply God, or God's Love. She experiences the spiritual idea that God gives you only that much pain that you can bear, but no more, which is accompanied by tears of gratitude. In the next part, other aspects of her primal spiritual experience unfold. The facilitator is SillyMickel Adzema, the Experiencer's husband and the author of these words. He has had 37 years experience in deep experiential modalities, including primal therapy, holotropic breathwork, and rebirthing, has been trained in these three modalities, and has been facilitating others in these -- especially primal therapy -- since 1975. He wrote "A Primal Perspective on Spirituality" in 1979, published by the Journal of Humanistic Psychology in 1985, which article was the first to proclaim the occurrence of spiritual experiences occurring to long-term primallers, which take them further along in healing beyond what Janov contended could occur by just feeling pain. The article presented a theory of primal pain, healing, and spirituality congruent with Janov's theories but totally at odds with Janov's early on proclamation and then continued insistence, based solely on speculation, that all spiritual experiences were derivative of underlying primal pain -- a notion at this point thoroughly disproven by Adzema's continued and increasing spiritual experiences over the decades, which he feels his primal work opened him to in a way that would otherwise not have been possible, by the experiences of some other long-term primallers, and by the experiences common to Stanislav Grof's holotropic breathwork -- a modality in which primal pain is accessed as well as a diverse array of transpersonal experiences and phenomena.