Print Gallery

Shown are a few of the prints made from reproductions of my original calligraphy presented with original collage elements.

Over the years I have amassed over two hundred calligraphic pieces in my inventory, and constantly add to that number when a new poem or quotation strikes me as words begging for an artistic presentation. You will find an index of these pieces at Library Index, where you can navigate to pages giving the complete words to each title; you can also navigate to those pages by clicking on the title of each piece.

"Caution" -

This page is best viewed in a screen wide enough to display three pictures across;

otherwise, the artist has noted, the titles may separate from the images!


You Fill My Days What Is a Mother? I'll Never Forget My Mother

As with all fine art, including original watercolors, one must remember that even though great care is taken to use the most light-fast colors available, some fading always occurs when exposed to the light. Care should be taken to keep your artwork displayed out of direct sunlight and away from fluorescent lights.


God to Whom Little Boys Eensy Weensy Spider Seeing You Sleeping

Acrylic, such as Plexiglas, provides better protection from harmful light rays than plain glass.

Words of Inspiration, etc

All Powerful Word Home Sweet Home The Lake

Oh Onion

All of my prints are made on my home computer printer with a spray of high quality ink covering the page to create an image as close to the original artwork as is possible.

Loss and Consolation

Do Not Stand at My Grave Psalm 23 Mom, Where Is Heaven


Please look through

the Library Index

for subject matter and titles.

The titles will link to pages of the complete text.

Each of these pieces has been done calligraphically,

ready to reproduce in a collage format in colors of your choice.

Some of them have been made into prints;

you may order either the print version

or the reproduced calligraphy presented with original collage elements.

Please go to the How to Order page to choose the size and format that pleases you.