We Wish You Peace in Your Soul

We wish you PEACE in your soul,

for peace on the planet

begins first in each of us -

then radiates outward.

We wish you

laughter and smiles

for those two things can infect all

those around us -

JOY is contagious!

and let us hope

we never discover an antidote.

We wish you the knowledge

that life is a process of CHANGE

Like water flowing through our fingers,

we can appreciate the coolness,

the beauty and the silky feel,

but it's impossible to hold on tight -

or we end up with nothing.

We wish you the miracle of


for it may change shape,

but it will never die.

We wish you the


to reach out to others,

knowing we are all on this journey


Finally, we wish you

the ability to see life

through the eyes of a child -

for then you are truly

touching the hand of the


- author unknown

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