Montana in the Winter

There's the pure white snow of winter

That lies like a blanket of down

It covers all the roof tops

And fields around the town

There're castles on the fence posts

All along the lane

Jack Frost is painting pictures

On every window pane

A winter sun is setting

It touches the icy eaves

Of a snow covered cabin

That nestles in the trees

Children skating on a pond

Where they swam not long ago

Instead of romping in the grass

They're rolling in the snow

Smoke drifting from the chimneys

Wends up to a cloudy sky

Every tree is snow capped

And snowbirds go fluttering by

Whether it's sunshine or moonlight

Whatever the hour may be

Montana in the winter

Is a lovely sight to see

-Myrtle Storm

This block of lettering

shows the blackletter in which this piece isrendered