I remember looking at you - studying your face

and searching for answers to my questions.

I could see that you'd been to your own hell and back.

I could read that in your face that appears so severe at times.

I see that you are a good person.

I know you have been misunderstood.

At times I see tears also, of those memories you can't erase.

And I see you searching for your truth to bring you closer to finding peace.

You have walked in the shadows and you've seen your share of life's ups and downs.

But most of all, I see you striving.

That sparkle in your eyes says you will never surrender

nor give up the struggle to be who you are.

I know you welcome changes with grace,

and you've learned to accept those things you cannot change.

I know you well, though I once wondered if I ever could.

That person I see is only my reflection.

It's me that I see in that mirror.

- Richard M. Sprague

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