I'm Only 79

Our life is what we make it

It throws out quite a line -

But I'll keep on kicking

'Cause I'm only 79.

Now when I am 80, I'll sit and dream

I'll knit a while and sew a fine seam.

'Til then I'll deal the cards

And have a drink when I dine.

For I'm not 80 yet - only 79.

Now when I'm 80, I am going to be

The kind of lady Mother tried to make of me.

From all the vices, I'll decline. But not until I'm 80 -

Now I am only 79.

I know that 80 is not far away,

So I'll live each blessed day;

Do the things I've always done -

Win or lose, it's all been fun.

When morning comes, I'll rise and shine -

I'm not 80 yet - only 79.

I like my nails long and shiny;

I like shadow on my eyes.

I know I'm not pretty, I'd never win a prize,.

So I really fuss about this and fret,

For I'm 79 - and not 80 yet.

I like noise and confusion,

People knocking at the door.

I like kids all around me and toys upon the floor.

Liking all this hubbub is a very good sign

Thank I'm not near 80.

I'm only 79.

- Myrtle Storm "I'm Only 79"

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