I Hear My Beloved

I hear my beloved.

See how he comes

leaping on the mountains,

bounding over the hills.

My beloved is like a gazelle,

like a young stag.

See where he stands

behind our wall

He looks in at the window,

he peers trough the lattice.

My beloved speaks,

he says to me,

"Arise, my Beloved,

my beautiful one, and come!"

My dove, hiding in the clefts of the rock,

in the coverts of the cliff,

show me your face,

let me hear your voice;

for your voice is sweet

and your voice is beautiful.

My beloved is mine

and I am his.

He said to me:

Set me like a seal on your heart,

like a seal on your arm.

For love is as strong as death,

the flash of it is a flash of fire,

a flame of the Lord Himself.

Deep waters cannot quench love,

nor floods sweep it away.

Solomon's Song of Songs 2:8-10,14,16;8:6-7

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