Dandelions - a symbol for the long haul ahead -

You see, I've always identified with the neat grass,

the charming roses, and the carefully tended gardens.

But perhaps, in the grand scheme of things,

women really have more in common with dandelions.

It feels like lots of folks keep trying to get rid of us or shut us up

or pull us out of the places we want to be.

And maybe we do have to be like the dandelions

that are willing to return proudly

the very next day after the lawn has been mowed.

Perhaps the dandelions have a lesson for us

in their ability to splash the yard with color

immediately after they have been mowed down.

And our words, thoughts, feelings and actions

are maybe just as subversive and uncontrollable

as the light seed puffs of the dandelions

that ride the wind to take root

in every imaginable spot on earth.

- Nelia Kimbrough

Dandelions may be ordered as an original collage or as prints as shown below

Dandelions - Print of collage in natural

colors with green

Dandelions - print of collage in rust with

rice paper and organics

Dandelions - Print of collage on blue with

natural bark paper, jute and poppy petals

Dandelions - print of collage on natural

mottled background with petals

Dandelions - print of collage on blue

background with rice paper and poppy petals