Children of My Heart

Children of My Heart - Print of collage with green tissue and leaves

I was born with extra feelings,

Of this I am quite sure -

For each time I think of one of you,

My full heart wants to burst..

I remember each of your births,

As though it were today -

And the joy I felt inside

When in my arms you lay.

I know parental love

Is the strongest love of all

But the bond I feel with each of you

Makes even wealth seem rather small.

Each of you is so unique;

You're so special in different ways -

You each seek different things,

Always filling up your days.

I know you'll each be great,

Whatever path you choose

And when life's trials challenge you

To them you'll never lose.

Some of you may be too young

To understand the love in my heart,

And the sorrow that I feel

When it's too long we've been apart.

But as each of you keeps growing

And you sometimes feel confused -

Don't EVER feel alone,

For I love EACH of you.

-author unknown

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