How to Order

You can order from this site by contacting me.

Someday I might figure out the Shopping Cart but for now it's email!

- Thank you!

It’s not as complicated as it looks - send me an email; I'll email you an invoice and when you pay through PayPal, I'll send your artwork!



Your email should include information such as the following:

TITLE: Babies Grow Up collage with red leaves and green fiber - Print

SIZE: 5x7 matted up to 8x10

PRICE: $22.00

If you have any special requests regarding this order, such as a line to personalize it or if you need it by a certain deadline, let me know!

PRICE LIST - prints

All calligraphic and art print pieces are presented on stiff backing board, in a clear acrylic envelope. An additional option is to include matting. Please select your preferences from the size and price chart below:

Size Price

5x7 $16.00

5x7 matted up to 8x10 22.00

6x8 17.00

8x10 20.00

8x10 matted up to 11x14 28.00

9x12 21.00

10x13 23.00

11x14 24.00

PRICE - Originals

For original, one-of-a-kind calligraphic art, the charge is $2 per word with a 25 word minimum. For this price, I can do your work in black on white, or in colors of your choice. Included will be simple collage work if you desire, similar to what you see on this website.

I can even come to your home an write on your wall for $5 per word!

All special orders have an additional $25 set-up fee.


CHOOSE THE SIZE AND THE WORDS YOU WANT. The Index on the Library Index page is sorted by Categories; the Titles of all pieces in the Category are shown. Provide the Title, and size of the piece you want (see sizes in the Price List below). If there are more than one shown of the title you want, be sure to let me know which color scheme you prefer.

PRINTS The prints are computer scanned from my originals and printed on my studio computer using inks that are of color fastness comparable to watercolor.

ORIGINAL COLLAGE These pieces incorporate original collage work with a reproduction of the words you see in the catalog. No two are ever exactly the same. The finished pieces will be very much like the pieces you see in the Print Gallery. Choose the color scheme of your preference; I am able to match most colors requested.

SIZE Be aware that if you choose a lengthy verse, the size of the finished piece will affect the legibility of the words! For instance, the Desiderata should not be ordered smaller than 8x10, before matting. The Children's ABC's is best at 11x14, not matted.

MATTED or NOT MATTED? I have a limited source of mats; if you want an odd size matted, perhaps you should consider taking it to a custom framer. The 5x7 image will fit into an 8x10 mat; the 8x10 image mats up to 11x14. Not all colors of mats are always available to me. I will choose appropriate colors for the chosen piece; if you have a strong color preference, please let me know.

PRICES The price list for Calligraphic and Art Print pieces is at the top of this page.


Ornaments are printed on heavy weight paper

on an opalescent background

and sealed with UV protective coating.

Letters are in pure colors

and some have fluid color running through the pattern.

Send me an email with the following information:

Octagon (2 inches): Letter(s) of your choice. If only one letter is chosen, the same letter will be on the front and back. $12

Cube (2x2x2 inch block) : Any six letters of your choice. $18

PAYMENT When you receive my email invoice, please pay through PayPal (you need not have an account with them) by using the PayPal button on the invoice.

DELIVERY Even though I ask for three weeks to deliver, I am able to fill most orders well within a week if requested. They will be sent via US Mail at current Priority Mail rates, plus a $5 fee for handling.


Mailing costs outside the US average $35. More than one piece can be shipped in the package.


Many of the pieces you find on this site have been created at the request of a client.

When the author of the words are known, I always credit the person who wrote them, even though I may not know first hand the original source.

If you are the author of a piece and I have been unable to reach you for permission to use your words, please contact me.

From time to time I am assigned a project to write out words of uncertain origin;

those pieces will be attributed to "Anonymous" or "Author Unknown."

If you find a piece for whom you know the author,

please contact me with that information. - Thank you!