Ceramic & Sculpture Gallery

Large bunny bowl

Large Bunny Bowl

Display of bunny, butter dishes, bowls

Bunny Sculpture, bunny butter dishes, and bowls

Bunnies jumping through grass bowl

Medium bowl, embossed bunnies running through grass

Water Carrier

Porcelain Sculpture

The items you see here are typical of my sculptural / functional porcelains.

Each is an original;

no two will be exactly alike.

Contact me at marita.mcdonough@gmail.com

for availability and prices.

Samples of vases designed with sculpted horses; each one an original, one-of-a-kind

Face Vase - Bud vases in different motifs are perfect for a small floral bouquet, scissors in the sewing room, or to hold a toothbrush

Small Porcelain Bowls in a huckleberry motif.

Stoneware Horse Bowl

Three Horse Bowl - These exquisite bowls come with one to five horses

Detail from a "Five Horse Bowl"