Sunday Morning Oct 21, 2007
Final goodbyes  -- talk -- plans for future                            Main

                 "And before we go..." Patsy Grubbs Webber and Polly Lewis

 Mort, Georgia, Jim Hughes, Brenda, and Ken pose for Patty Sue Lynch while waiting for breakfast and share a few last stories. 

                 Betty Offerman Tomforde says goodby to her senior ball date

                 Jim Hughes before she heads back to Long Island and her story

                 hours at the library and Jim heads back to Texas.

                  Ed Hogan and Georgia Botsacos Litwin say goodbye before he

                  returns to Waterford, Connecticut and she drives back to Wilmington,


                 Dan and Anita Ziller Saunders look happy to be going back to sunny

                 southern California, we had a beautiful fall weekend but cold weather

                 isn't far off in New York.

                 George Hadeler is ready to return with his wife Shelby to the quiet life

                 in Virginia.  Phyllis is ready to meet her husband and head to the

                 Meadowlands on her quest to visit every thoroughbred racetrack in

                 the United States.

                            While others head for the warm weather of the south, Darrel and Betty

                 Uebelacher VanFossen head back to the snows of Colorado.

                 Irene enjoys a last cup of coffee as she gets ready to head back to

                 Tennessee and her two sons.  She will be glad to get back to horse

                 country.  But she said she had a wonderful time.

 Phyllis meets her husband at the racetrack;  Brenda nearly misses her plane back to California; and Patty Sue makes arrangements to go to her time share in Spain. 

We all want to get together again.   

                 Ed and Maureen O'Leary Reynolds aren't going anywhere but they

                 stopped off at the motel to say goodbye to everyone.  All those children

                 and grandchildren keep her busy.  There isn't much gossip about things

                 in Pearl River that Maureen isn't up on.  She knows everyone.

                 Elaine Biederman and Bob Brennan go over the final numbers, although

                 she looks dubious the final tallies are good.  After all the work on the

                 reunion what is next for this pair.  Early plans for a party in Florida are

                 in the works, stay tuned. 

                          While everyone else reminisces about the past and "what ifs" Bob and

                Brenda talk about the future, stay tuned.