Saturday Night October 20, 2007
Buffet Dinner -- Dancing to a DJ -- A lot of story telling.                   Main

This was the main event of the weekend with over 80 people attending.  Many of us have not seen each other in over fifty years.  When we look into a mirror we see the same person every day, the gradual aging is not apparent.  When we see someone for the first time in fifty years we are shocked at how old they look, they probably have the same feeling about us.  After the initial meeting is over and we start to tell stories about old times, the old feelings of comraderie come back.  It is like time hasn't passed.  We don't have to put on airs with our old friends.  We can just be ourselves.

Georgia Botsacos Litwin

Henry and Martha Carmichael

The Ewalds and Cheryl VonSoosten

Nancy, Brenda, Bob, Leo

Delia Ortiz McDonald

Marion Conley Sabins

Anita Ziller Saunders

Robert and Carol Stadden Troxell

Delia Ortiz and Tim Grant

Tim Grant and Bob Brennan

Helga and Georgia

Ed and Sue Grant, with Mark and Judy

Helen Schroeder and Diane Meyer

Large Group

Henry Carmichael and Sue Wolf Scala

Patsy, Mort and Dick

Lillian, Dick and Georgia

Ron, George and Ed

Polly, Maureen and Irene

Nauraushaun School

Ron, Leo and Rose

The Ewalds and Helga

George Brennan

Miss Crum's First Grade

Ms. Grunman's First Grade

Irene, Mark, Ed and Sue Grant

Kathy Lagstrom Slinn

Nancy Gordon Kinard

Loretta Deberardnis Tito

Bob Knight and Henry Carmichael

PRHS Spouses

Classmates who started between 7-12 grade

Judy Triller Semonick

Patty Sue Lynch

Karen Titus

Karen and Georgia

Delia Ortiz

Mark Ewald

Bob and Marcy Brennan

Dennis and Joyce Murphy

Tim, Sue, Leo

Anne, Ed, Dennis, Anita

Betty and Judy

Delia and Georgia with pirate

Herb and Helga Rothman Lloyd with Mort

Bob Earle and Phyllis Ablondi

Herb and Diane Meyers Meyer

Loretta Deberardnis Tito and Sue Wolfe Scala