Friday Night October 19, 2007
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Everyone coming from out of town stayed at the Comfort Inn.  Five of the girls arrived on Wednesday night and spent the time going to a few of their old haunts in town.  Many of them have changed as Pearl River has changed over the past fifty years.  There was a little confusion for those wanting to eat at the Comfort Inn.  The first group to order was okay but the restaurant was not prepared to serve a second group of us.  Many of us went to the Nanuet Hotel or the Nanuet Diner to eat.  Some of those flying in from Florida and California arrived at three in the morning.

Everyone wanted to see Betty Neuser Amend because we knew she wouldn't be coming Saturday as it was her nephews wedding day.  We didn't know at the time but Gudrun was also not coming back Saturday night.

Tom O'Brien and Betty Neuser Amend

Peggy, Harry, Hank

Gudrun, Peggy, Anita

Shelby, Leo, Elaine, Irene

Jinny Ewald

Mort and Bob

Jim and Margie Amann

Ed Groth and Judy Triller Semonick

Marion, Harry, Peggy, Gudrun

Bob and Marcy

Don, Anita, Betty, Judy

Mark and Marion

The Amanns with Hank O'Reilly

Anita, Peggy, Betty, Gudrun, Harry

Marion, Mort, Peggy

Walt and Gudrun

Anne Bohnel Silverman