Mrs. Borsinger

Elizabethan Era

Books are a great resource for all academic research. You can be assured that the information you find is books is accurate which is pretty important! Books for this assignment are already pulled and located on cart in the library. These books cannot be checked out but may be used while in the library.

Databases are another resource you can trust without evaluating. The following school databases will be useful for this project:

  • ABC-CLIO - Daily Life through History
  • Gale - Gale Virtual Reference
    • Search Daily Life in the Elizabethan Era or Elizabethan World
Points to remember:
  • Databases are paid subscriptions; if you are not on school grounds you will need a username and password which can be found in your planner.
  • Do not copy URL's they will not work when you paste them in a later time.
  • All PR databases have citation information.
Using the Internet for research should be your last resort. When you use sources found on the internet you must evaluate before you decide to use the information. The websites below have already been evaluated. If you choose to use any other websource you must take the proper steps to make sure it is reliable. Or try using Sweet Search as a search site where all results are reliable. 
Too avoid plagiarism all work that you use must be included in your Works Cited page. You must also include in text citations for all quotes, summaries and paraphrasing!

Additional information

Remember- the library is open after school till 3:30 if you need a space to work or get some research assistance!