Preston County Gifted    "I have been driven many times upon my knees by the overwhelming conviction that I had nowhere else to go. My own wisdom and that of all about me seemed insufficient for that day." Lincoln Observed: The Civil War Dispatches of Noah Brooks edited by Michael Burlingame 
Upon the subject of education, not presuming to dictate any plan or system respecting it, I can only say that I view it as the most important subject which we as a people can be engaged in.  Abraham Lincoln
--March 9,1832  
 “If you look for the bad in people expecting to find it, you surely will.” Abe Lincoln
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                                    Stacy Jennings, Teacher

Aurora Elementary
Central Preston Middle
Fellowsville Elementary
Kingwood Elementary
Preston High
Rowlesburg Elementary
South Preston Middle




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Brady Minecraft



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Grace's alternate book ending for  Allegiant 

Mar 18, 2011

Professional Points of Interest

            E-mail Sites



Microsoft Ofiice 365 
Online IEP
IEP forms
WV Gifted Director  

Search Engines
Google search engine
Google Advanced Search
Wikipedia free encyclopedia
Learning Sites
Internet help 
Smithsonian Collections
ALEX Alabama Learning Exchange
Khan Academy
College Information  Parents this is a list of websites you can go to to get help finding a university or college for your child.  Check them out and see if they help you.
 College test preps free  AWESOME site
 Sparks *** really like
 fastweb  finding scholarships for your child
 Princeton Review test prep
 College and University's in USA Rank and comparison
College Reading Suggestions
Arrowhead Library System  love this because they give a short synopsis or each book.
Letter to Parents and Student to help them prepare to go to college
College Plannings Experts
FLL Lego's & VEX
2009-2010  Smart Moves
2010-1011  Body Forward
2011-2012  Food Factor
2012-2013 Senior Solution (an example of this years 2012 product.)
2013-2014 Nature's Fury
2014-2015 Trash Trek
2017 HydroDynamics
First Lego League FLL
Programming Instructions EV3
QR Codes
FLL First Lego League:  Robotics information
Tech Brick an amazing site that will help you with documents for the competition.
Line Following Carnegie Mellon Program
SAVE THE BEE'S please go to this website and sign the petition.
Gifted Websites
Hoagies' Gifted Education Website (gifted information website)
Famous Entrepreneur Scavenger Hunt
K-9 and Marvin:
Gifted Ideas
Sheppard Software 
WV Golden Horseshoe
Quizlet for Golden Horseshoe practice
Library of Congress
Wikipedia Archives
Citizen Documents
Byrdseed Summer Reading suggestions
TARC rocket competition information:  
Rocket Team Resources page is great
Future Me (write an e-mail to yourself)
Surfnetkids all kind of topics safe for kids
CNN news
Lizard Point Geography map skills
National Geographic MapMaker
Typing bbc
World's Hardest Game
Cool Math Games
PortaPortal my two guest sites are:  sjennings or stacyjennings
Morse Code Converter
Education Worlds ABC Book
Body Organs
Bio Digital Human
Virtual Class
Logic Puzzles
Surfing the Net with Kids
All my Faves  (An interesting webpage with many listings.)
Ed Heads a great educational site
Idaho Public TV-Simple Machines
Rube Goldberg Machines
Kinetic City
MemRise different languages for free
Earth Shots has great pics of landscapes
Country's true size
SuperHero database
Tinker Ball creating Rube Goldberg's
Engineering Rube Goldberg (this site also has engineering games)
Factory Balls Christmas Edition
Explain that stuff excellent website with easy explanations
STEM Site for ideas  Love this site
Top Destinations
Spark lab
Math Field Day Practice 
Dream Car Racing EVO
MiKids Simple Machines
Simple Machine Quiz
Board Games and such
Spot It online
Examples of Board Games
            Virtual Field Trips
          Buckingham Palace
          White House
          Empire State Building
          Mount Rushmore
          Spruce more virtual tour ideas
       Inca Trail virtual tour
        Coding and Programming
       Hour of Code

          Haiku syllable counter
          Poetry Website
          Rhyming Dictionary
          Poetry Kathy Mitchell's page
         Merriam-Webster Thesaurus

            Simple Machines
            MI Kids
            Rube Goldberg
            Heraldry the art of symbols on armor or clothes used to identify
            Heraldry  international  (very colorful site, lots of information.) ****
            Heraldry US military
            Heraldry Society links
            Family Search (free from Mormon site)
            Fleur de lis Designs
            Notre Dame
            Cyndi's List
            American Heraldry Society
            American College of  Heraldry (has a nice list of Heraldry meanings)
            Primbley's Dictionary on Heraldry
            Heraldry  Glossary Net
                 Coat of Arms
 Fun with Photography 
Photofunia a great website for being creative
Image Chef  photo and word fun
Big Huge Labs  photo fun
Photo Visi
Photography and painting ideas: HubPages
Ask photo site
Website Creators
Schoolrack web page
Weebly free website creator
Dooid website creator
Google Preston County Gifted
Weebly Preston Gifted homepage
Weebly another Gifted page

      Civil War Websites
            CW List 
            CW Rubric
            CW Project Revisited
            KuKuKlok  an online alarm clock.
                  Reading suggestions for Encouraging Inventive Thinking

            Technology Resources
                Smart Exchange
                PBS Learning Media
                Learning Games For Kids
                Story Bird
                Mr. Nussbaum
                DIY Engineering

        Personal Points of Interest

Chestnut Ridge Church CRC  

Compassion International

Birthday Calculator

Netflix movies

NIV Bible  

Send a post card to the Troops from Xerox

World Clock by Peter Russell

Lesson Plan Ideas

    Simple Machines 

    Garrett Cinema's in Deep Creek, MD
    Hollywood Theater in Morgantown, WV
Eye hand coordination practice