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Student Expectations & Classroom Rules

Every student comes to my class with different strengths and weaknesses. 

I expect every learner to do his or her best. 

I do not allow students to say, “I can’t.” 

Students are capable of more than they realize,

and I strive to help them discover and fulfill their true potentials.

Behavior & Attitude

I have two rules in my class. 
The first is, “Be respectful.”  Respect other students, respect the teacher, respect property, and I will respect each student.
My second rule is, “Do your class work and homework.”     

Classroom Policies:

Late Assignments

Students can always turn in late work. Late assignments lose 10 percent.
If there are extenuating circumstances that contribute to late work, a student may bring a signed note from their parent or guardian that will be stapled to the late assignment. The teacher will carefully evaluate the gravity of the situation, and may choose to award late work with full credit.

Classroom Discussion

Students must raise their hands and wait to be called upon before they can speak during classroom discussions.  Students will be called upon in the order that they raise their hands, unless several students are dominating the discussion. The teacher may choose to randomly pick student names to request feedback.

Fast Finishers

Students who complete assignments before the rest of the class must remain quiet and not distract the rest of the class. The teacher will often provide fast finisher activities that either reinforce specific content standards or class lessons. If fast finishers are not provided, students may work on homework or read quietly. 

Bathroom Pass

Only one student is allowed to go to the bathroom at a time. Students are to return within five minutes, unless they explain a need to stay longer. Bathroom requests are not permitted during lectures, unless they are emergencies. Students must raise their hands to ask permission and take the hall pass with them. Bathroom passes are given in the order requested, unless a student has an emergency.

Getting a Drink of Water

Only one student may leave the classroom at a time for bathroom passes or drinks of water. Bathroom passes take priority. Students are to return within two minutes. Getting a drink of water is not permitted during lectures. Students must raise their hands to ask permission and take the hall pass with them. Passes to get a drink of water are given in the order requested. A student is not permitted to get a drink of water if they have requested a bathroom pass in the same period.

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