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Grading Procedures


My goal is to provide students with the tools they need to succeed. 

Students will be given study sheets that detail the exact material that will be covered. 
Selected response tests will be clear and straightforward.  They are meant to assess student learning; my goal is never to trick students.
As this is a language arts classroom, students will learn to construct an essay.  Essay tests will be a part of each unit.

Performance Assessments:

I believe in project-based learning.  Projects are more true-to-life than multiple choice, and they are appropriate for a range of learning styles. 

Students will utilize technology and highly creative forms such as drama and art to present their learnings to the class. 

Grading Policies:

The rubric below explains the components of my scoring system.

Participation     5%
Homework    20%
Performance Assessment    10%
Written and Oral Projects    25%
Quizzes     15%
Midterm and Final Exam    25%
Total:    100%

Cut scores:
93-100% - A
85-92% – B
75-84% – C
65-74% – D
0-64% – F


This includes completing quality work on time and collaboration on group tasks.  Students should participate in class discussions and activities.   


I do not assign homework every class.  Homework is meant to reinforce learning and must be turned in on time for full credit. 

Late work

Students can always turn in late work. Late assignments lose 10 percent.
If there are extenuating circumstances that contribute to late work, a student may bring a signed note from their parent or guardian that will be stapled to the late assignment. The teacher will carefully evaluate the gravity of the situation, and may choose to award late work with full credit.


In order to consider all learning styles, I use a variety of assessments.  These include a performance assessment, written and oral projects, and a midterm and final exam.  

Students who are caught cheating during exams will receive no credit.  Assignments must be written by the student.  Plagiarized work is not accepted.

Every student comes to my class with different strengths and weaknesses.  I expect every learner to do his or her best.  I do not allow students to say, “I can’t.”  I believe that students are capable of more than they realize, and I strive to give them the tools to discover and fulfill their true potential.

Extra credit
Occasionally, extra credit points can be earned.  Extra credit work is optional.  I will work with individual students to assign extra credit projects, according to the situation. 

Oregon Department of Education Content Standards

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