shorelineThe Puget Sound Pressures Assessment, or PSPA, is an effort to better understand the pressures on the Sound’s freshwater, marine-nearshore, and terrestrial resources and identify the critical ecosystem vulnerabilities that should be addressed to ensure sustainable long-term protection and recovery.

In 2014 we finished the first PSPA evaluation. The 2014 PSPA involved a systematic, expert-based, evaluation of the potential impact of assessment stressors on assessment endpoints. Information was gathered through expert elicitation using an on-line interface and small-group refinement events, and through targeted GIS and other analysis.

Results are intended to guide and inform science and management priorities and include:

  • Most vulnerable endpoints (habitats and species)
  • Stressors with the most potential for harm
  • Current stressor intensity at the assessment unit and regional scale
  • Potential impact of stressors at the assessment unit and regional scale
  • Relative certainty and uncertainty about stressor-endpoint relationships

Pages on this site (use navigation at upper left) provide information on the PSPA model and implementation, the 2014 assessment report and results, and use of the assessment to support decisions about priority stressors and sources of stress