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I am an advocate of First Amendment liberties for all nations and all people with rules of decency. I am also a US citizen who was born in state of Georgia, so I have First Amendment liberties and all Constitutional rights. 


This is one of my original sketches I drew in a series of medical illustrations I drew that were on my website of until it as ripped out of my owner's panel by criminal hackers along with the content. It is a preliminary sketch and it is designated so with words '1st sketch' of a subject which I do often. This is watercolors and is intended to reeducate the world on the fact that a human being in the womb is human,has human cells and tissues, and a human appearance. The amniotic sac is filled with water and that is a shock absorber to the human baby who lives there to protect from being jarred as the mother moves about, or walks or turns over at night, etc. The baby gets her nutrition from the mother via the umbilical cord that is attached to the placenta. The umbilical cord is cut when the baby is born and it shrivels and tucks inward and becomes the navel.

 From Embryo to Fetus in the womb : medical facts by Gloria Poole,R.N. 

There are several distinguishing features of the transition of an embryo to a fetus. Both of these words are medical terms for a certain stage of development in the womb. There is no abrupt change from the embryo to the fetus. Instead there are cumulative changes that are evolving day to day. The embryo changes from an amorphous shape to more of a tiny human with all parts. Also all of the major body organs have either appeared or the precursor of them has developed. As the embryo survives the second month in the womb, and is alive at the beginning of the third month, the tiny human is less vulnerable to the effects of disease in the mother, or radiation of the mother, or medicines the mother may have taken. Of course women who are pregnant should never drink alcohol or use drugs! At any stage of the pregnancy the baby in the womb is harmed by alcohol, and many drugs have teratogenic effects.

The term fetus is appropriate after the major organs are either formed entirely or the precursor of them is present e.g. for the kidney. The fetus is still vulnerable but not as much so, since the tiny human has a larger body and therefore it would take larger doses of medicines through the placenta to harm the tiny being, and the tiny baby also has more developed organs to filter the medicines that might pass to the baby through the placenta. At the end of the first month after fertilization the human embryo is about a quarter of an inch in length from the top of the flat bulbous like head to the end of the emerging legs that look at first like a tail. Most of the organs are beginning to take shape as the cells continuously divide and differentiate.

The tiny human develops by a 'blue print' that is built into the chromosones and genes that the tiny human received from the mother and from the father. Twenty-three chromosones come from each parent in most instances. In Down's syndrome the chromosones are different. The baby's brain develops first since it is needed first. The wisdom of GOD in creating humans is obvious if you really study human anatomy and physiology much. The outlines of eyes appear and a primitive mouth and by 30 days after fertilization the three primary parts of the brain are present , and the eyes, ears, and nasal passages have begun to develop. The beginnings of the backbone is present but that first month the tiny embryo is sort of hunched together in a C shape. There is no discernible arms or legs yet but the "tail" will become legs. The heart will have started beating even though it is not completely formed. The tiny human has a closed circulatory system that includes the baby's own blood vessels and also the umbilical cord and placenta to the mother. The digestive tract opens from the mouth downward for the first time on about the 28 th day after fertilization by the male sperm. The liver appears by about the 21 st day after fertilization. The thyroid gland begins to form. The stomach, intestines,liver and pancreas are there but there is no anus yet. The lungs are not developed yet. Lung buds begin about day 27 and the trachea [windpipe ] appears a few days after that.

By the time the tiny being would be called a fetus he or she would have gained weight to one gram or about one- thirtieth of an ounce, which is not as much as an aspirin tablet but for the tiny human it is significant progress since it means a 50-fold gain in body mass gained during the second month over again what the tiny human weighed at the end of four weeks after fertilization. By day 31 muscles appear in the pelvis and arms and legs begin to form and look sort of like a bud on a tree in bloom.The valve separating the chambers of the heart appear on day 31 or soon after. The germ cells [sex determining] move along the mesoderm toward the genital ridges and will form either ovaries or testicles. By day 32 the caudal muscles appear [in what becomes the baby's behind] and the last pair of gill- like arches that will develop into lungs appears. By day 33 the cerebral cortex in the brain develops. By day 34 more of the muscles that will become the thighs and legs develop and the stalk that separates the baby from the yolk sac lengthens. By day 35 the primitive germ cells have arrived in large numbers near the ridge that develops into the kidney. And the olfactory part of the brain that regulates small is present in the brain. By the fifth week the tiny human is 8 millimeters or one- third of an inch long from crown to rump and weighs about 1/1000 of an ounce. The jaws are forming and the face is beginning to look like a human face. The umbilical cord is present and is the only part connected to the placenta. The pituitary gland is forming in the middle of the brain. The pharynx branches into the two parts that will go to each lung. The membranes [peritoneum] that separate the intestines form the chest have formed and separate the lungs,heart and trachea from the stomach and intestine. By day 36 the arm and legs buds appear, and the 'tail' starts to shrink and the baby may start moving about. By day 37 the intestines have grown enough that they are beginning to curve into their adult shape. The brain stem that controls respiration is recognizable. By day 38 the jaws of upper and lower begin to look symmetrical and with an mouth between them and the eye muscles have begun to form in the orbits. Hands that look more like paddles form and then when the fingers elongate they look more like hands. The insides of the baby have grown so fast that they sort of bulge and could be seen easily through the almost transparent skin of the baby. By day 39 the nerve fibers are present to connect the sense of smell of the olfactory nerves. By day 40 the pigment [color] of the eyes could be seen through the transparent skin also. The jaws are well formed and the teeth, and facial muscles are forming also. The gill arches disappear and the diaphragm appears that moves up and down in respirations though the baby does not breathe in the womb but later sort of practices that effort. The liver starts producing red blood cells and takes over from the yolk sac. By day 42 the reflexes being and fingers and toes are more visible and the beginnings of gonads are visible. By the sixth week the fetus is 13 millimeters or half an inch long from crown to rump. Cartilage that will become bone appears. The head seems huge in relation to the rest of the body and bends forward onto the chest since baby is still sort of a C shape. Fingers appear. And the mammary glands begin. The stomach and intestines rotate into position, muscles lengthen and both cartilage and bone are visible in the forming skeleton. The kidney has begun with the pronephros the first but non-functioning kidneys. By day 44 the retinas of the eyes form, and also the palate of the mouth and and the canals of the ear. By day 46 the gonads are formed either ovaries or testicles so the sex of the baby. Viola by day 48 after fertilization the tiny human looks like a human! And is definitely a fetus.

/s/ Gloria Poole, R.N. with reference from medical textbook "From Conception to Birth' by Roberts Rugh and Landrum B Shettles MDs.

This site is part of the account of mine that also has my blog of, that I post art I created too on a regular basis. 

Reflect on this information and ask yourself this question:

If the U S Constitution cannot and does not protect tiny, defenseless human babies then who does it protect?

IS the U S once a mighty and a righteous

nation so deluded, so reprobate that it cannot see that

a nation that does not and cannot protect humans in the

womb is of little use to anyone not even GOD? 

 Because you see, if humans are human in the womb and

indeed they are and it is biologically impossible for

them to be anything else but human then the premeditated

killing of them ought to be forbidden, absolutely

verboten, absolutely NOT allowed by anyone for any

reason. A nation that legalizes killing contrary to the

laws of GOD will reap what it sows according to

Galatians 6:7, as the ripple effect of human depraved

minds takes over the nation. The wicked reason if they

could kill their offspring when most innocent and most

vulnerable in the womb, then surely they could also kill

them at the age of one or two or 20 or 50 or for any

reason. They also reason that if a mother 'can' sign a

death warrant [medical informed consent to kill her

offspring] for her children then surely the children

'can do' the same for the elderly when they become

'inconvenient' or 'not timely' or 'not wanted' . The

wicked with reprobate degenerate minds know no

boundaries, but of course GOD knowing humans set the

boundaries in the Commandments of GOD in Exodus 20. GOD

knows that humans without GOD are doomed to damnation

and I use that word as the Bible uses it --a

condemnation by GOD HIMSELF to sheol or the pit of hell

as it is referred to in the Bible that is the place

separate from GOD for eternity and a burning lake of

fire as the Bible also describes it.

  A nation that purposely puts those who believe that

they have a right to kill in positions of power will

reap the disastrous results of that sin.  The U S has

reaped the disastrous results of that wicked Roe

decision in many ways. Since most men marry only for

reproducing heirs and in the U S in this year of 2009

men cannot be sure if a woman will 'want' their children

or kill them, and therefore the incentive to marry is

not very great. The women who aborted their children

decades ago are sterile --in the year approximately 1995

there were 60 MILLION women sterile from previous

abortions, and that number is probably multiplied by

now. The U S is a nation in decline because their future

was aborted decade after decade, by the millions. The

white [caucasian] race is already a minority around the

world being fairly isolated to the continents of U S and

Europe since other than caucasians predominate in

Africa, China, all nations of the middle east, Latin

American nations, South American nations, India, Nepal,

in fact all Asian nations, are not white [caucasian] and

usually with black hair and dark eyes. White people are

already a minority and the only reason the people of the

US have not figured that out yet is because of the

millions spent by planned unparenthood on paying

journalists hired by newspapers to secretly write

prodeath arguments and put them in the papers as 'news'

when they are propaganda; and the millions spent under

the table to the Supreme Court and U S Congress to 'buy'

cooperation [lobbying, trips to wherever, speaking fees

to do their bidding of pumping up their cause]. These

are the 'new' versions of the old propaganda of Goebbels

of Germany who used massive propaganda to convince the

people of Germany that the killing of the Jews was the

'only solution' to them as the prodeathers try to

convince the nation that the right to kill innocents in

the womb is the 'only' so-called [but false] right that

matters to the nation since that evil Roe v Wade

usurpation of Constitutional authority by the US Supreme

  The wicked turn my stomach and Obama is one of them

and so is all those who work in killing fields of

abortuaries and all those who dress in $1000 suits to go

peddle sin as a right to those fools in Congress.
/s/ Gloria Poole, R.N. and artist in oils, and most artist's mediums; 

Update 16-Oct-2013: This page has become more important not less so, because criminal hackers did destroy 153 of my Christian websites because I oppose abortion which is the premeditated killing of innocents in the womb, and because I oppose sodomy because GOD said that both of those are abomination. I believe the Bible to be the inspired words of GOD as spoken to different people at different times in the course of civilization and recorded what they were told to write. I am NOT forsaking GOD nor the publishing of the words of GOD. God said 'thou shalt not kill' in Exodus 20:13 and that is why I am prolife and oppose killing of innocents. And GOD said in Leviticus 18:22 that sodomy is 'abomination' and that is why I oppose that. Update on 11-April-2012 : There was an all-out assault against me on the web by criminals trying to force me off line. I know the names of some of them and the FBI knows the names of others involved in that.

This is a FYI--for your information page. Many blogs and some twitter accounts  are owned and created by Gloria Poole =gloria_poole = "gloriapoole", originally from State of Georgia, now living in Missouri. I am a Christian, white, woman, twice divorced, prolifer, republican,and a Registered Nurse. Because I am known for many reasons [original paintings that I painted, as Registered Nurse, as citizen journalist, as citizen lobbyist, as creator of and owner until domains were stolen by criminals of the  missions of  Life Media & Publishing LLP ® and also of words that WORK,LLP ®   I have had to be diligent about my name and how it is used.  

I often write my name on the web in lower case letters and have done that since I began writing on the web to signify that the message is more important than the messenger. I usually write my real name of Gloria Poole on paintings as Gloria in script; and on the web as gloriapoole, and sometimes as gloria0817, and sometimes as g-l-o-r-i-a, and sometimes as gloria_poole. Update 16-Oct-2013: I also write my name on web as :gloria.poole; gloria-poole; gloriapoole.RN; Gloria Poole,RN; gloriapoole1749; gpoole817; and other variations of my real, born with name of Gloria Poole. 

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My work will continue and it will continue to do the work  of The Lord Jesus, and the work of ending abortion as a "right".  Following the advice of  the great Statesman, Winston Churchill, of England whom when asked to give a speech, said to the righteous, "never, never, never, never, never, never quit."  

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