Presidio Preschool strives to attract families who are interested in educating their children through play and to build a community that is friendly and supportive of our unique philosophy and program.

Application Form:   Kindly download an application form and mail it to 143 Clement St., San Francisco, 94118:  Download Application Form Here   

Admissions Requirements Child must be 2 years 9 months at time of enrollment (diapers ok). In addition to submitting the application form and fee you must attend a school tour to complete your child's application. You can take the tour before or after submitting an application.

Required Tour:  Our tour season runs from the middle of October through February. Tours are adults only (babies in front or backpacks welcome) and are for parents/guardians of children eligible for entry the coming school year. Please call Maryanne beginning in early October to reserve a spot on a tour (742-4488).

Enrollment Considerations:   We consider the following when enrolling children in our program:

                                               1.  We understand and value the importance of community and family. For this                                                             reason current students and siblings are given enrollment priority as are our neighbors.
                                               2.  Applicants are considered in the order the application form (with application fee)                                                       is received.
                                               3.  Attendance on a school tour is required for your child to be considered for                                                               acceptance.
                                               4.  We aim to balance each of our 3 age group classes with equal numbers of girls                                                         and boys.
                                               5.  We seek families who are a supportive of our values and program and who are a                                                     great fit with our inclusive, diverse and friendly community.
Admissions Process:          Acceptance Letters are emailed to families. We do not send out emails if your child
                                           has been put on our waitlist. Please call the school for information about the status of your 
                                           child's application. If your child is placed on our waitlist you are invited to keep in touch by 
                                           phone or email as we have always had spots open up in the summer due to families moving
                                           out of San Francisco.


Young Preschool, Preschool and Pre-K Program (2, 3 or 5 day program)
2 days a week (Tuesday/Thursday)
3 days a week (Monday/Wednesday/Friday)
5 days a week (Monday through Friday)
Program Schedule
Morning program only: 9am - 1pm
Extended Care
Early Care - 8:30am - 9:00am
After Care - 1:00pm - 3pm (or 3:30pm with notice)