Mount Rushmore WebQuest

Introduction:  Mount Rushmore National Memorial  is a monumental granite sculpture by Gutzon Borglum located within the United States Presidential Memorial in South Dakota, that represents the first 150 years of the United States History.  Mount Rushmore consists of 60-foot sculptures of the heads of former United States presidents  George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt, and Abraham Lincoln.  The presidents were selected on the basis of what each symbolized. George Washington represents the struggle for independence, Thomas Jefferson the idea of government by the people, Abraham Lincoln for his ideas on equality and the permanent union of the states, and Theodore Roosevelt for the 20th century role of the United States in world affairs.  
Task: Research one of the presidents on Mount Rushmore and present what you learned about them to the class.  You will be expected to hand in a short paper about the President you choose.  You may work in groups for the research but a paper is due from each member of the group.  Your paper should include a bio of the president including such information as:
  • Date and location of birth
  • Family history
  • Education
  • Accomplishments as president
  • How your president represented the ideals he was chosen to symbolize
Process: Your first step for this project is to select the president you would like to research.  Click the name of the President you chose below:
  • Work is done cooperatively. Each student contributes and time is spent on task.
  • Directions are followed accurately.
  • Work is completed on time.
  • Presentation is informative and creative
  • Written work is neatly done.
  • Spelling and grammar are correct.
  • Information is accurate.