McCain/Palin versus Obama/Biden

This site contains information about the candidates and their views. An educated voter is a smart voter. America is in trouble. Vote for the team that can move us forward, past the lobbyists who are driving the current legislation.

So, let's get started.
The Background pages summarize what the candidates have done up until now. There is also a section under construction about the Mortgage mess and the ties of the candidates to Fannie and Freddie

Politicians constantly try to hide or mask unfavorable dealings or unsavory friends. We will try to highlight the ones you should know about. Spouses are also not immune, since they will play a role too. We don't have much on Todd Palin, but we are working on that...

The one unsavory item we have dug up right now is William Ayers, far more scary than any pastor....see the link called Who is William Ayers.

We are constantly updating this site. We just added a patriotism section.  Stay tuned for more....