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Early Years

Buster was born on a farm just outside of Raleigh, North Carolina in the Spring of 2000.  One of innumerable children of the Royal Family of Dutch Bunnies, Buster soon left the farm after an unfortunate run-in with a hungry puppy.  He arrived at a shopping mall just in time for the Easter holiday, in an effort to earn his keep by being a professional model.  However, he had not yet fully recovered from his injuries, so a sweet lady took him into her home and gave him a cat to play with. Buster enjoys cats.  He is less fond of dogs.

At the ripe old age of three, Buster was ready to set out on his own.  He hitched a ride in an old Volvo named Red Fred and moved in with a stunningly attractive and intensely brilliant pair of young, flaming homosexuals.  After a rendezvous with a mysterious green frog, Buster himself came out of the closet, amid much fanfare.  Buster thoroughly enjoys fanfare. 


Once his "daddies" had decided to stop living in two separate cities, Buster moved to the bustling metropolis of Greensboro, North Carolina.  There Buster availed himself of the services of that city's many fine institutions of higher learning, and proceeded to earn seven Ph.D.'s in just over a year's time, in everything from computer engineering to public administration to literature.  He also earned a law degree from Harvard via correspondence, graduating first in his class, as well as a medical degree from Columbia, again first in his class.  Buster enjoys being smarter than you.  He is less fond of your constantly asking him questions.  

During his ample spare time, Buster tackled big problems domestically while becoming an avid outdoorsman.  He also frequently engaged in his favorite pastime:  protecting his homeland from geese by chasing them into various bodies of water.  He also took the opportunity to taunt more than a few neighborhood dogs.  It was during this period that Buster explored his royal heritage, and was elevated to Crown Prince of the Dutch Bunnies.  Buster thoroughly enjoys being powerful.   

 Moving North

One Thanksgiving, Buster decided to move to Washington, DC, in hopes of being able to chase a newly pardoned turkey.  Though unable to bag a bird, he was able to spread his wings in the seat of American power, and soon began wining and dining with those who controlled the many levers of democracy.  His status continued to rise, especially after his ascendancy as King of the Dutch Bunnies.  Shortly thereafter, his many friends and colleagues began to encourage Buster to apply his brilliant skills at governance to the United States, and pursue the presidency.  Buster enjoys individuals stroking his ego.  He is less fond of the need to be "re-elected" after the initial prize is won.

Nonetheless, Buster has decided to march onward toward victory.  Buster has an unquestionable background and loads more experience than any old geezer or professional spouse could ever muster.  He has the brains, the brawn, and the fortitude to tackle any problem.  Buster will also push this nation forward into an era of new politics, with prosperity for all.  Buster thoroughly enjoys the notion of being the most powerful bunny in the world, and insists he will do a good job of it.

Do Your Part

Help propel this remarkable rabbit to victory.  O!  Buster '08.  Buster enjoys winning most of all.