Lawsuit Settlement Loans

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There are more than $200 billion in lawsuits that are estimated to be filed every year, and the legal process and court system can make about months and even years sometimes, it may become difficult for people to carrying on with the legal proceedings. 

Pre Settlement Lawsuit Funding

Hence pre settlement lawsuit funding is the best form of cash advance that can help you to pay lawyers’ fees, pay bills, make repairs and cover medical expenses that are not covered by your insurance policy. These loans are also known as non-recourse lawsuit loans and these kinds of loans are very popular as it does not require employment verification, credit checks or any other kind of collateral. These loans can be approved with 48 to72 hours of the application for the loans and hence you can get financial assistance when you are facing problems while arranging for cash for fighting the case or for the lawsuit.

Pre Settlement Funding Company

The cases that involves general negligence by the accused person can get financial rewards to you are the plaintiff as you are eligible for the advance funding for your case. These negligence includes all cases of personal injuries like car accidents, medical malpractice, slip and fall, workers compensation, sexual harassment and discrimination, class actions, pharmaceutical cases and securities cases and frauds involving majority of the corporations and insurance companies, but with the help of lawsuit funding, you can get cash quickly within 72 hours after you have applied for the money and hence it can be very convenient for you as you will not need any document for getting the loan. Other Services we Provide:

Auto Accident Settlement Loans

The money is provided by the funding companies that extend a non-recourse loan to the claimants who don’t have sufficient money for taking the legal battle for settling the personal injury cases. 

Personal Injury Lawsuit Funding

When you don’t have enough money to fight the legal battle, you always have the option of taking financial assistance from companies that offer funds for helping you in your lawsuit. Before taking the pre settlement lawsuit funding, the merit of your case will be evaluated by the funding companies for finding out the approximate settlement amount for your case. 

Transvaginal Mesh Settlement

You can also take the non-recourse loan for a short period of time until your case is finish and you will get the compensation that you deserve for the injuries that you have sustained. Hence you will need to give a portion of your settlement amount to the company offering you this non recourse fund for your case. 

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