Endangered Giles Areas

The proposed Mountain Valley Pipeline will affect numerous areas in Giles County, including residents' farmland, private property, the Eastern Elementary/Middle School, route 42, Newport's historic and community areas, the Cascades Falls, the Appalachian Trail, and the Mountain Lake Hotel.

Gas pipelines can cause economic depression in the areas in which they are hosted, and have been proven to cause water contamination and gas leaks that release toxic chemicals into the environment. Further, leaking pipelines can cause massive, devastating explosions. 

There has not been a good explanation from EQT/NextEra concerning any substantial economic gain from the pipeline to Giles County. There is a very real possibility of decreased property values in and around the area of the currently proposed route. Giles County has been experiencing economic growth these recent years with eco-tourism in areas such as the Cascades, The Appalachian Trail, and Mountain Lake Conservancy. Those tourism dollars represent the backbone of our county economy, and the pipeline project stands to endanger that growth.

In addition, the MVP is a natural gas transmission line and it is not designed for local access to county residents. Doing so would be enormously expensive. And, Giles residents already have access to natural gas -- hence, EQT/NextEra is not bringing gas to our county. Lastly, there is a good chance that all or most of the gas moving through the pipeline would be EXPORTED AND SOLD TO OTHER COUNTRIES. That means that Giles residents would be sacrificing their property values, local economic growth, the safety of their community, and the safety of their environment so that EQT/NextEra could make enormous sums of money selling the gas to other countries. 

The companies proposing the pipeline, EQT/NextEra, have the power to exercise eminent domain in order to take an individual's private property if FERC approves the pipeline running through Giles. This means that landowners, even if they don't want the pipeline on their property, will have no choice in the matter.

Pipeline officials talk about creating jobs -- however, most of the construction workforce for these projects is imported, meaning fewer jobs for Giles residents and contractors. Further, any jobs that are created will be temporary; once construction is finished, only a very few will remain. 


The proposed pipeline comes into the Newport Park with the park being utilized by five communities with Newport serving as the hub.  We have a viable sports program that draws from a 25 mile radius and has served over 70 kids each summer. That program was recently recognized externally for the service provided to the community and beyond.  Pictures of some of our 2014 activities are provided below.

2014 Girls Softball Team (The proposed pipeline is just in the back of the team)

2014 Sports Picnic at the Park (Approximately 150 attendees)

Family reunions, July 4th celebrations, “Music in Newport” and related gatherings occur regularly at this park.     


Newport is the home of three of eight remaining Covered Bridges in Virginia.  These bridges are important historical structures, tourist attractions and serve of as our local symbols of “Bridging Generations.” The proposed pipeline comes near two of these bridges – the “Clover Hollow Bridge” that is public and the “Link Bridge” on private property but visible from Route 700.

Clover Hollow Bridge

Link Bridge