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Katie Talbott, MA, LMHCA

For as long as I can remember I have loved watching people become their whole living, growing, changing selves, full of wonder at their complexity and awe at their potential.  Many people have supported me in knowing this about myself, and I am grateful to be able to pass this on.  

Meditation has been an important thread in my life for twenty years, and mindfulness meditation is one of the primary ways I understand and experience my life.  Much of my interest in mindfulness has arisen from the joy I find sitting outdoors immersed in the energy of the living things around me. I am particularly interested in offering mindfulness training as a secular practice, open to people of all faiths.

Artistic creation has been a galvanizing force in my life for the past 20 years. Art has helped me to know who I am, to transform into what I will be next, and to find my work in the world. Writing, dancing, painting and drawing have each opened me up to greater integrity, awareness and life.  It is also just plain fun.

I recently finished my Masters in Counseling at the Leadership Institute of Seattle and have been spending the summer painting, drawing, and meditating.


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Gail Baker

Gail grew up sleeping and eating with a box of 64 crayons. The 64th crayon was maroon.  It made her sick. She threw it in the trash. These days maroon is just fine…so are puce, chartreuse, and celandine.  She revels in color and paints in acrylic paints with layers of acrylic medium for depth and texture. Oil pastels are added and often gold leaf is applied.   

Gail paints to recapture her life in her personal and idiosyncratic language.  We all have unique languages and lives.  She believes that the deepest, most meaningful connections we can make happen when we express ourselves in the language of creative process.  This is why she facilitates classes in Process Painting, Visual Journaling, Drawing, Touch Drawing, and Painting.

Gail's formal art training was done at the University of Washington in graphic arts.  She earned an M.A. at the Institute for Transpersonal Psychology, Creative Expression.  She has taught art for 29 years in public and private settings in Alaska and Washington.  She worked with the Arts Ed Consortium in Alaska, focusing on integrating the arts into classroom subjects and facilitated painting classes at the Sitka Fine Arts Camp.

In the last 10 years, her focus has changed from technique to process (awareness of sensation, intuition, memory, and imagination.)  Yoga, hiking, and meditation are the bedrock of her work.   As she learns more about ADHD, learning styles, multiple intelligences, meditation, and brain function, she is convinced that the arts offer a powerful tool for transformation of the individual and society.


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 Carol Jakus, MA, MSW, LICSW

Carol has had extensive training to teach MBSR through the University of Massachusetts, Center for Mindfulness.  She has offered MBSR to the general public, professional organizations and in clinical settings for nearly 15 years.  Carol has also practiced as a contemplative psychotherapist for over 25 years in the Seattle area, and is Adjunct Faculty at LIOS and Bastyr University.  She is an experienced yoga instructor and meditator with over 30 years of practice.