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Art Classes

Gail Baker, Medusa

I’d like to introduce you to painting without hesitation, painting from inspiration. In this kind of art the painting tells you what it wants, not your mind.

--Gail Baker

Gail Baker, Relationship Series

Painting From the Fire Within - Process Painting

    Dates: (Usually last Sat of month)
              Saturday, January 29
              Saturday, February 26
              Saturday, March 26
    Time: 10:00 to 4:0 pm (bring your own lunch)
    Instructor: Gail Baker  (pre-registration required)
    Cost: $90 per day includes all materials

Painting can be a powerful medium for growth and change if we are alive to the concreteness of the moment.  The intention of this class is to be simply and totally present with brush, paint, and paper. How did you paint before you knew all of the rules? Have you always wanted to try painting but don’t think of yourself as an artist? Are you feeling stuck in life and can’t decide on your next step?  This class approaches art as exploration and self-discovery. You will not paint from images but from inspiration, breath, and spirit, exploring the astonishing resource of your own original creative voice.  Results are not the goal here. Free expression is. In an environment where criticism and judgment are suspended, you will be free of constraints and explore the essence and flow of artistic process. Appropriate for new and experienced artists, and anyone seeking a jump-start in awareness and transformation. 

We will be painting from a gorgeous liquid palette of professional-grade tempera paint on full sheets of watercolor paper with soft brushes. All materials provided, but you can bring your favorite brushes.

[Our purpose] is to return visual expression as a natural and full language to every person and to enable everyone to employ this means of expression to do what all language does, to speak about the world as it is and to create a world of our choosing.
--Peter London, No More Secondhand Art

Visual Journaling Arrange your own time!

    Date/Time: Contact Gail and we will arrange a time that works for groups of 4 - 6.  Bring your friends for your own session.
    Instructor: Gail Baker  
    Cost: $130 / 6 classes.  ($175 includes supply kit)

As we are faced with challenges and ongoing difficulties, it is possible to nurture our deepest selves and truly understand what it means to be centered. Visual journaling can be used to reduce stress, release anger, resolve conflicts, get in touch with feelings, and give voice to your soul.

Visual Journaling accesses and expresses your emotions and feelings through imagery, reflects on that imagery, and explores archetypal metaphors and symbols. It has its roots in the early work of Carl Jung who drew in his journal every day.  He sensed that his images rose spontaneously out of his instinctual inner world as sacred symbols to lead him to the voice of his higher self. Visual Journaling is based on how imagery is perceived by the body and the mind as the primary means of inner communication. No art experience necessary!

Bring your own supplies. (A supply list will be e-mailed to you after registration.)  Gail also brings many different samples of art mediums to encourage further experimentation.

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