Present Sense
The Art of Awareness



...what we are and what we were is not yet all that we might become and the creative process is a powerful vehicle to probe what may lie ahead.
--Peter London


...the more profound functions of art have always had to do with personal and collective empower-ment, personal growth, commun-ion with this world, and the search for what lies beneath and above this world.
              --Peter London
"Such strong similarities between meditation and creative activity suggest that we are in fact dealing with two approaches to the same path of human development.  [They both move] toward the same goal: the development of a new mode of awareness and inner activity."
--James Vargiu, quoted in Spirit Taking Form

I started Present Sense because I wanted a place to do the things I loved with other people: make art, write, practice mindfulness, and create community. These practices have brought so much richness and meaning to my life and I am thrilled to have the chance to give back some of what I have received.

Making art is one way of waking up and being fully alive, and being a fully-alive, aware human being is at the heart of everything we do here. Classes support you in claiming your personal creative process and using it to cultivate self awareness and your connection to others. No special skills are required to attend classes, as artistic expression is a natural ability in each of us. You will be invited to use this ability to listen deeply to your own voice and nurture and express what is alive in you.

Though there is nothing "safe" about art, we do strive to make this a place where it is safe for you to experiment and where all the parts of yourself are important. We also hope that creating a space where different disciplines are taught side by side will foster valuable cross-fertilization. Surprise and serendipity are important parts of learning.

From the beginning this has been a place that has grown out of the amazing community of people in which I am fortunate to live.  I am excited to have a space to bring together the energy of all the learners - teachers and students - that I know. I hope you will join us too!

Present Sense
Katie Talbott, RC
Seattle, WA 98103

photos by Tom Talbott and Brian Green