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4. Choose The Best Presentation Medium:The Power of PowerPoint

      When choosing the best medium to deliver your presentation, consider the following 3 words: location, location, location.  If your audience cannot see or hear your presentation, your presentation is compromised from the start.  Before you choose your medium, consider the following:
  • Room Size:          Be sure that your visual aides can be seen from the farthest distance in your presentation area.
  • Audience Size:   Be sure that your voice and any audio portions of your presentation can be heard from the farthest distance within your presentation area.  Caution:  Too loud will distract your audience.
   Empowering via Powerpoint:
     Using PowerPoint is one of the most preferred and recommended mediums of presentation.  Consider each of the following steps before you design your slides:
  • Verbiage: Be sure that the verbiage on each slide is clear and legible.  Misspelled words will compromise your credibility as a speaker and fuzzy fonts will distract your audience.  Limit the verbiage to simple bullets that highlight the main points of your discussion.  (Choose a sans serif font for slide headings and a serif font for the body of the slide.) 
  • Graphics: Clear, vivid graphics will illustrate your concepts.  Be sure to use high-quality graphics that maximize impact and project a professional image.
  • Audio: The judicious application of audio will enhance your presentation.  Be sure that the audio is relevant to the topic.  Do not use audio just to showcase your knowledge of the presentation software.
  • Flash: The judicious use of Flash will emphasize a particular aspect of your presentation.  Use Flash sparingly to emphaszie the most important topics.  Do not use Flash to showcase your technical abilities.       
  • Tutorials: For comprehensive, immediate and affordable assistance with PowerPoint software, see http://www.lynda.com.