Title I

What is a Title I Parent Committee or Council?
Title I is the largest federal aid program for elementary schools, middle schools and high schools. Schools that are receiving Title I funding must have an advisory committee or council that represents parents of participating Title I children. The Federal Title I program requires that parents participate in the development of the school’s Title I parent involvement policy, program, and budget. In addition, parents should participate in the development and evaluation of their schools’ Title I programs, including their budgets, and of their plans to support the needs of students with limited English proficiency and those with disabilities. In New York City, about 70% of schools are eligible for Title I funding.

What is the role of the Title I Parent Committee or Council?

Title I schools should have Parent Advisory Councils (PACs). PACs represent the parents of students who participate in the school’s Title-I programs. In schools where the Parent Association or Parent-Teacher Association (PA/PTA) has taken on the responsibility for representing the interests of parents whose children participate in Title I programs, the PA/PTA President must regularly consult with the parents and ensure Title I is included in the meeting agenda. The goal of Title I parent advisory committees and councils is to ensure the involvement of Title I parents in school life, and to support active partnership with other members of the school community. Title I committees and councils must be consulted regarding the use of Title I funds in the school, and must be involved in the development of the school’s Title I Parent Involvement Policy and Parent School Compact. Schools are required to hold regular meetings at a time convenient for parents, including an annual meeting where information about Title I funded programs and other related issues are discussed and shared.

For more information, consult the Title I Parent Advisory Councils bylaws