November & December are usually quiet months filled with holiday celebrations.

Officers and committees are usually busy with picture and candy sale deliveries and profit calculations.

Meetings in these months are generally focused on: 

(elementary)- middle school gifted and talented testing

Upcoming assessments and state tests.
How to have successful Parent/Teacher Conferences 

You can also invite someone to speak on health and nutrition: How to avoid holiday
 weight gain or how to work it off if it happens, or general health, information about cold & flu season.

December meetings usually contain holiday festivities:
Some like to have an international night for the parents or holiday shows.
Remember though that any meeting considered official still needs to have minutes read and approved, minutes taken and a treasurer's report. 

 Toward the end of December,
 the Treasurer should start preparing for the Interim Financial Report, which is due January 31st.  This report covers all income and expenses from July 1 - January 15.
By Jan 30th
 this report gets sent out  to membership by way of PA Newsletter or flyer or at an organization meeting. It also gets sent to -  Presidents Council, Principal, & District Family Advocate

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