Weekly Puzzle

18th Feb. A bit tougher, this one. White to play and win. Solution on the 25th

This is from Grischuk v Short (2000). White has just played Rxf5 and threatens, not only a back rank mate but also the simple win on the rook on g3. Did Nigel resign or did he have something better?
Solution next friday.

Qxh+ wins.

3.    This is from Capablanca v Villegas 1914. White to play and win
Qxc6 wins as the pawn can't be stopped.
 2.    This position is from the game between Capablanca and Marc Tonarov played in New York in 1918. It's White to play and win.  
Nh6+   Kh8
Qxe5!! Qxe5
Nxf+     Rxf7
Rd8+    Rf8
Rxf8 ++
 1. Capablanca v Lasker in a blitz match in 1914. It's white to play and win.                
Ra8+ Nxa8
Kc8 and black resigned because of:-
Kxc7 Ka8
Kxb   Kb8
Ka6 and wins
Nice! 7/2/18