Great games of the past

A new feature which will showcase great games of the past. The notes are often shamelessly nicked from those of the players themselves. The first one is the 'three Queens game from the 1922 Hastings tournament between Bogolyubov and Alekhine in which we see some outstanding tactics.
Bogolyubov v Alekhine
Hastings 1922
1. d4 f5
" A risky defence which I have adopted very infrequently however I had to play positively to secure first prize".
2. c4 Nf6
3. g3 e6
"It is better for white to play g3 before c4 in the Dutch defence as black can now exchange his dark squared bishop advantageously"
4.Bg2 Bb4+
5. Bd2 Bxd2+
6. Nbxd2
" To recapture with the Queen in order to develop the knight to c3 is a little better"
7. Ngf3   O-O
8. O-O   d6
9. Qb3
"This manoever does not prevent black from realising his plan"
10.Qc3 e5!
11. e3
"if 11. dxe dxe 12.Nxe? Nxe5 13. Qxe5 white's Knight would be en prise to black's Queen"
"it is very important to prevent b4 temporarily as will be seen later"
12. b3 Qe8
13 a3  Qh5
Alekhine gives his last two moves exclamation marks however this plan is well known today. His notes here say "White cannot answer 14. dxe dxe
15, Nxe Nxe5 16. Qxe5 on account of Ng4 winning outright".
14. h4 
" A good defensive move which secures new squares for his f3 knight and revives the threat of dxe"
"White seeks to dislodge black's kt at once by f3, which however weakens his pawn position still further. Possibly b4 would now be preferable"
16.f3   Nf6