Here are links to Boardmaker resources or resources that have been created using Boardmaker

Boardmaker Tutorials

Interactive whiteboard activities

PowerPoint activities

Online stories and activities

    • Create your own online puzzles at Jigsaw Planet +great on whiteboard
    • The Tar Heel Reader is a collection of accessible stories that you can use and add to 
    • Pinky Dinky Doo - site has some nice story building activities (stories too long, preschoolers may lose interest)
    • Lil' Fingers has simple online stories- some have audio and some don't
    • Scholastic has Clifford storybooks that can be read online +appropriate level, also links for parent/teacher
    • BeanTime stories has online stories but they aren't read aloud ?more teacher directed, busy page
    • The Story Place Preschool Library has a number of online stories and related on and offline activities -more geared toward older kids
    • CBeebies from the BBC has a large number of online stories and activities
    • Sheppard Software has color, number, alphabet and animal games ?a lot to choose from, would need to be more teacher directed, activities good
    • Prongo has a few online activities for learning to use the mouse targeting ages 3-6  ?need more teacher direction to get to the activities, not the smoothest interface
    • Kneebouncers has very basic "press any key to play" games +very basic cause/effect activities but they have learning value
    • Hiyah has simple programs that can be downloaded or played online
    • Alphabet Antics is a wiki site with a variety of alphabet related activities. Teachers can contribute activities also.
    • Nick Jr. has online games related to their TV shows ?lots of ads and places that you might end up purchasing something, sometimes commercials before ads
    • Learning to Read - where children build a love for reading and adults enjoy the journey  +awesome!, bilingual, all ages through adult, family friendly
    • StarFall quick literacy activities online
    • Building Mouse Skills
    • Lego
    • Brownie Bear Puzzle
    • Make a Face
    • Making Learning Fun
    • Tinsnips - PECS pictures for kids with autism
    • this site has a daily learning sheet that can be printed, a daily art project, along with many other good information and FREE activities for you to use and print.
    • fun and free printable activities used to encourage expressive and receptive language skills. The activities change each week and are divided into age categories: Infants and Toddlers, Kids, Teens and Adults.
    • Carl's Corner
    • Ohio Resource Center Early Childhood Page
    • Merrie's SST4 wiki

    iPod Touch and iPad Apps

    Art Experiences

    Sites with programs to download

      • Priory Woods School has a number of single switch activities to download
      • has software that can be downloaded on Windows machines or played online on PC or Mac

      Printable Story Props

        • KizClub has color and black and white props to print for a small selection of common stories. They also have printable for nursery rhymes. There are even books that can be read online and printed out.
        • Dr. Jean has some great printable story and song activities


        At these sites you can find pictures to download and use in PowerPoint or custom stories and activities

          Music and Sounds

          At these sites you can find music and sounds to download and use in PowerPoint or custom stories and activities

            Online Video Sites for Children and Teachers

              • ZuiTube
              • TotLOL - need to sign up for free account to get in
              • TeacherTube
              • WGBH Sandbox - video clips to download
              • Whyzz...answers for all of the "why" questions children ask with activities to allow them to experience the answers
              Text to Speech Programs
              • Natural Reader - toolbar that floats over your screen allows you to highlight and have any text read aloud
              • Balabolka - program you download and then you can copy paste text in there and save as mp3