• Welcome
  • What is your AT assessment model?
  • How do you take your WATI information and use it to plan next steps?
    • Student
      • What is(are) the functional area(s) of concern? What does the student need to be able to
        do that is difficult or impossible to do independently at this time?
        • Special needs (related to area of concern)
        • Current abilities (related to area of concern)
        • Expectations and concerns
        • Interests and preferences
    • Environment
      • Arrangement (instructional, physical)
        • Support (available to both the student and the staff)
        • Materials and Equipment (commonly used by others in the environments)
        • Access Issues (technological, physical, instructional)
        • Attitudes and Expectations (staff, family, other)
    • Tasks
      • • What SPECIFIC tasks occur in the student’s natural environments that enable progress
        toward mastery of IEP goals and objectives?
        • What SPECIFIC tasks are required for active involvement in identified environments?
        (related to communication, instruction, participation, productivity, environmental
    • Features of Tools
  • Where can you learn about AT tools?
    • Abledata
    • The QIAT listserv is a community of assistive technology practitioners who are fantastic at answering questions and sharing resources
    • Ability Hub is a vendor but they have a great website with pictures
    • Enable Mart is another vendor with a large number of products on their site
    • Closing the Gap Solutions - subscription service
    • OCALI - has a lending library of devices and resources

  • iPad/iPod Touch apps
    • Developmentally Appropriate Software
      • Encourage exploration, imagination, and problem solving
      • Reflect and build on what children already know
      • Involve many senses and include sound, music, and voice
      • Be open-ended, with the child in control of the pace and the path

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