Preschool Environment Lesson Plans

Preschool students place a great deal of focus on themselves. It's not being selfish, it's simply being a preschool learner. However, preschool children need to learn how to relate to their environment. Whether this means learning about trees and plants or taking care of pets, preschoolers need to know how the world around them fits into their little world. That's why the Preschool Environment Lesson Plans page was created.
On this page you wil find all sorts of preschool environment lesson plans and activites that will help your preschooler to learn about the environment they live in. So browse through and find something to fit the needs of your preschooler.

Outdoor Tips
We put together a list of tips to make your preschool outdoor experience a fun one. They aren't rules, just some things to keep in mind as you take your young explorers on an outdoor journey.
  • Keep a first aid kit handy at all times.  
  • Make a Science Kit to take with you.
  • Keep wet wipes handy just in case!
  • Have a buddy system in place and try to have and adult present at either end if you are walking in a line.
  • Let children know to stay away from unfamiliar animals.
  • Have a plan!
  • Before doing any outdoor activities, make sure children are dressed to match the weather.
  • Gather children together before going outside and let them know what the plan and expectations are for them.
Preschool Camping Themes
Preschool Camping Safety: Use this preschool camping lesson plan to prepare preschool students for the world of camping. This preschool camping lesson plan takes students on a safe camping adventure right inside your classroom. Complete with fire safety and snacks!
Preschool Camping Crafts: This is a really cute preschool camping craft activity that children will enjoy as well as make use of on their camping adventures!
Animal Lesson Plans  
Whether it's that "doggy in the window" or a fearsome T-Rex, preschoolers love to learn about animals and it's our job to teach
them all we can. These lesson plans focus on the animals in the world around us.
Pet Lesson Plans for Preschool: Franklin Wants a Pet:This a great preschool pet lesson plan that helps preschool students to learn about various pets and what it means to take care of a pet. Literacy and music are involved in this preschool pet lesson plan.
Animals and MovementThis preschool animal lesson plan uses games to teach children about the ways that animals move and the noises they make. This is a fun game that can be played indoors or
Letter Pets: This is a great preschool pet lesson plan that teaches children about animals and helps them to learn their letters all in one! Printable materials included as well as a game to play!     
Farm Animal Noises: This Very Busy Spider lesson plan  is a fun way to teach children all about farm animal noices while also encouraging them to read and get up and move around!               
3-D Preschool Pet Craft:                    
This cute and playful preschool pet craft
uses all recycled materials for
preschoolers to create their own pets.
Includes template and bulletin board activity.